Kick Panel Upholstery Installation

Kick panel upholstery

Refurbishing / Replacing Kick Panel Upholstery First-generation Ford Mustangs used plastic kick panels.  If you had the standard interior, that’s all it was— a big piece of plastic.  Deluxe (Pony) interior cars added kick panel upholstery and a bright piece of stainless trim to jazz things up a bit.  Essentially Ford glued a piece of carpet trimmed with … Read more

Accomplishing Nothing Despite 6 Hours of Work

Working for Six Hours, Accomplishing Nothing Sunday (yesterday, by the time you read this post) I accomplished nothing.  I worked for seven hours, and I have nothing to show for it, other than dirty forearms.  Accomplishing nothing of substance is understandably frustrating, so I’ll share with you what I’d intended to do this past weekend. In … Read more