Clearance Issues Have Me Stumped

clearance issues drag link oil pan 1966 mustang

Clearance Issues are Par for the Course… I’m confident that everyone building a resto-mod will at some point abruptly smack into clearance issues.  That’s the nature of the beast.  Modifications are rarely bolt-in installations, and tolerance stack-up is a legitimate concern.  In other words, clearance issues multiply with each additional modification.  There’s no way to … Read more

Windshield Installed But…

windshield installed

Windshield Installation Hurts My Fingers Gasket-seat windshield installations were common on cars made until the mid-late 1960’s.  At that point they were slowly eclipsed by the much-easier-to-install glue-in variety we use today.  But before people were taking the easy way and gluing the windshield in, the glass was held in place by a thick rubber … Read more

Compressor Installation (A/C System)

Compressor installation

Compressor Installation (Again!) After finishing up the cluster Monday evening, I turned my attention to air conditioning compressor installation.  I ran the refrigerant and heater hoses, mounted the compressor, and even installed the belt.  Having watched multiple videos and read the instructions at least 10 times, the installation went relatively smoothly. My astute reader may … Read more

Underdash Wiring

underdash wiring

Underdash Wiring Installation After seriously procrastinating over the Independence Day weekend, I dove head-first into working on the underdash wiring yesterday.  And while it doesn’t look like much, I’ve made some serious progress.  Some folks would probably thumb their noses at the idea that installing underdash wiring could take more than a day.  They don’t … Read more