Beginning Disgustang Mustang Disassembly

The night before last, I began the slow process of disassembling the accessories in preparation for engine removal.  Mustang disassembly is fairly straightforward when it comes to the engine compartment; it’s pretty obvious what goes where, what each thing does, etc. The first step was to disconnect the radiator hoses, heater hoses, and bypass hoses. … Read moreBeginning Disgustang Mustang Disassembly

Engine Rebuild: The First Budget Buster

I spoke to a highly recommended local engine builder today, and the engine rebuild (if he does it) will cost around $4,500, which is more than double what I’d budgeted.  Hopefully this doesn’t portend continued budget-busting throughout the project! My initial $2,000 figure was calculated by taking the purchase price of a remanufactured long block … Read moreEngine Rebuild: The First Budget Buster

Starting Restoration…For Real, This Time

Tonight I finally started the arduous task of inspection and disassembly, the first step in starting restoration of the Disgustang.  The main objective today was to drain the crankcase, transmission, and radiator of their respective fluids in preparation for removal.  Draining the radiator was amusing, since the drain petcock squirts coolant out at varying angles … Read moreStarting Restoration…For Real, This Time