Steering Linkage – A Case for Quality Parts

Steering Linkage: cheap tie rod sleeve

November 2014 With the front suspension installed, the only things standing in the way of turning this car into a roller are the front steering linkage, the front brakes, and actually installing the rear axle. Today I installed the front steering linkage, and while the driver’s side linkage installed without a hitch, the passenger side … Read moreSteering Linkage – A Case for Quality Parts

Rear-end and Steering Linkage Disassembly

Disgustang steering linkage

October 2014 I’ve finished scrubbing and before I start painting, I wanted to take some time to dis-assemble the major components I pulled off so I could start sending them out or exchanging the key parts for already rebuilt ones.  RockAuto, conveniently, stocks ready-to-ship steering components on an exchange basis.  But that you can get … Read moreRear-end and Steering Linkage Disassembly

Scrubbing the Engine Compartment

disgustang engine compartment clean

Once the engine compartment and undercarriage were completely stripped, the fun began.  Scrubbing, wire brushing, pressure washing, and basically trying to get down to a clean, paint-able surface was the goal.  Scrubbing the engine compartment is a long and labor-intensive process.  I used a wire brush mounted to the drill, steel wool, a borrowed pressure … Read moreScrubbing the Engine Compartment