Polishing Stainless Steel Trim

Polishing stainless steel trim - before

The Tedious Process of Polishing Stainless Steel Trim Because I need to polish the division bars to complete my vent window restoration, I’m taking the chance to polish the rest of the stainless trim as well.  Polishing stainless steel trim is a tedious process involving steel wool, sand paper, solvents, buffing compounds, a bench grinder … Read morePolishing Stainless Steel Trim

Classic Auto Air Evaporator Installation

classic auto air evaporator

Classic Auto Air Evaporation Installation After fighting for three hours Sunday night with the Classic Auto Air evaporator, part of the PerfectFit Elite system I purchased, I’m beginning to regret my decision to install air conditioning in the Disgustang.  I fought with the compressor installation a week or two ago as well, and that took … Read moreClassic Auto Air Evaporator Installation