Kick Panel Upholstery Installation

Kick panel upholstery

Refurbishing / Replacing Kick Panel Upholstery First-generation Ford Mustangs used plastic kick panels.  If you had the standard interior, that’s all it was— a big piece of plastic.  Deluxe (Pony) interior cars added kick panel upholstery and a bright piece of stainless trim to jazz things up a bit.  Essentially Ford glued a piece of carpet trimmed with … Read moreKick Panel Upholstery Installation

Radio Installation Frustration

1966 Philco Mustang radio

A Radio History Lesson Most early Mustangs came with an AM radio, if they came with one at all.  Virtually identical to the radios installed in ’64 Falcons, 1964.5 and 1965 Mustangs usually came with radios made by Bendix or Motorola.  Philco, a brand purchased by Ford in the early 1960’s, also supplied radios for early Mustangs. … Read moreRadio Installation Frustration

Accomplishing Nothing Despite 6 Hours of Work

Working for Six Hours, Accomplishing Nothing Sunday (yesterday, by the time you read this post) I accomplished nothing.  I worked for seven hours, and I have nothing to show for it, other than dirty forearms.  Accomplishing nothing of substance is understandably frustrating, so I’ll share with you what I’d intended to do this past weekend. In … Read moreAccomplishing Nothing Despite 6 Hours of Work

Back Glass Installation (By Myself)

mustang back glass installed

Tackling Back Glass Installation Alone… For reasons passing understanding, I had a bug up my behind on Saturday to get the back glass installed.  Of course my live-in helper (also known as my brother) was out-of-town, and I hadn’t done much planning, so I endeavored to install the glass alone.  Again, I don’t know what possessed … Read moreBack Glass Installation (By Myself)

Dash Pad – Ford Tooling Makes a Difference

Ford tooling dash pad 1966 mustang

Ford Tooling Dash Pad Fits Right the First Time It’s rare that I find a part that fits correctly the first time, but such is the case with the dash pad.  Of course, that it’s made from original Ford tooling makes a difference. The dash pad fit perfectly, and it was perhaps the easiest install of anything … Read moreDash Pad – Ford Tooling Makes a Difference

Scott Drake Oil Pan is to Blame

drag link interference scott drake oil pan

The Scott Drake Oil Pan is Responsible for my Clearance Issues I’ve had a positive experience with Scott Drake reproduction parts on the Disgustang ’66 Mustang build.  Much of his stuff is excellent.  His concours-quality outside mirrors?  Perfect.  His styled steel wheels are works of art.  The trunk weatherstrip he sells is great.  His windshield weatherstrip?  It’s … Read moreScott Drake Oil Pan is to Blame