Missing Parts – An Exercise in Frustration

missing parts turn signal plate

Missing Parts: The only thing worse than parts that don’t fit… I’ve repeatedly expressed my dismay, discontent, and dissatisfaction over the quality of reproduction parts made “overseas.”  Lately I feel like every reproduction part I try to put on has something wrong with it, so I’ve spent a lot of time refurbishing and restoring the … Read moreMissing Parts – An Exercise in Frustration

Engine Compartment Finishing Touches

Engine compartment after

Work Proceeds on the Engine Compartment I spent most of Monday night working on putting the engine compartment back together.  My regular reader will remember that I’d previously installed the radiator, but it had to come out to work on the shroud, fan, and belts.  With the transmission reinstalled and the correct fan spacer, bolts, … Read moreEngine Compartment Finishing Touches