Back Glass Installation (By Myself)

Back Glass Installation (By Myself)

Tackling Back Glass Installation Alone…

For reasons passing understanding, I had a bug up my behind on Saturday to get the back glass installed.  Of course my live-in helper (also known as my brother) was out-of-town, and I hadn’t done much planning, so I endeavored to install the glass alone.  Again, I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I did.  And it worked…eventually.

The fact that the windshield installed so easily gave me false confidence.  Getting the back glass installed, even with a helper, would have been an ordeal.  The primary area of trouble was/is the bottom corners.  On the windshield all the corners are gradual, smooth curves.  But the bottom corners on the rear window (on a coupe, at least) are sharp angles with heavy, hard-to-manipulate rubber edges.

I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to try this with the foreign-made gasket.  The US-manufactured gasket is a much softer, more pliable rubber, so it pulls in easily.  And even then, I had to make three attempts to get the glass to seat.

Third Time’s the Charm…

The first time I went the conventional route and placed the gasket on the glass, ran a bead of sealer inside the channel, and placed my pulling string.  I was able to pull the gasket in everywhere but the bottom corners, which were extremely tight.  The second time I tried putting the gasket in the opening first and then pulling the gasket over the glass.  That worked for the corners but made other areas more difficult.  The third time I did a mixture.  I put the glass into the gasket everywhere but the bottom corners and then fiddled with those until I had it seated.

I haven’t run the sealer around the edges yet, but as soon as I do that and polish the stainless trim for the windshield, I’ll be done with glass!