Beginning Disgustang Mustang Disassembly

The night before last, I began the slow process of disassembling the accessories in preparation for engine removal.  Mustang disassembly is fairly straightforward when it comes to the engine compartment; it’s pretty obvious what goes where, what each thing does, etc.

IMG_3340The first step was to disconnect the radiator hoses, heater hoses, and bypass hoses.  In case there was any doubt about whether the block needs a good rebuild and flush, the condition of the water outlets confirms that a rebuild is probably a good idea–with that much corrosion in the water jacket, imagine how worn the rest of the engine parts are.  Just look at that corrosion!  I wonder how well his car ran the last time it was driven…I wonder if it overheated?!?

Next I pulled the radiator, then the fan, belts, and some of the pulleys, and then I set about removing the smog pump and related tubes.  This being a ’66 ordered for California, it has the very first year of any kind of smog equipment — basically a pump that forces air into the exhaust manifold so that unburned hydrocarbons continue to burn after they’ve exited the engine.  Of course, there’s also a check valve and related other bits and pieces to keep the secondary air injection from really ruining things when the throttle is suddenly released (if the pump were to continue to supply air to the manifold in this case a “righteous backfire” can result).  I got most of it out and have saved everything just in case.  One of the big things about this restoration I have to remember is not to throw ANYTHING away until I’m done…


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  1. I guess your movie is in post production. Hopefully you are drawing a diagram of how it comes apart so you can put it back together. Obvious coming off…not so much in reverse.

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