Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

August 13-14, 2015 – Random Bits and Pieces

Over the past two weekends, I’ve gotten the bumpers fitted and aligned, added the turn signals, and installed the exhaust trim rings.  I haven’t had the time to focus on big projects, so instead I’ve been dealing with the small bits and pieces that when added together make the car feel just a bit more like a real car.

The front turn signals went in perfectly, the rear parking lights were a complete pain, and in fact, they aren’t quite finished.  The exhaust trim rings were a similar problem, i.e., they don’t fit properly, which leads me to believe the valance sheet metal itself is misshapen.  All of the Scott Drake parts I’ve used so far have fit like a glove, and since the rear valance is a replacement, I’m guessing it’s not Scott Drake parts that are at fault here, but rather that it’s the curse of reproduction sheet metal striking again.  With the bumpers installed, the gap at the top of the exhaust trim rings doesn’t stand out, but I see it every time I look at the rear of the car, and it’s still not the way it’s supposed to be.  And the angle on the passenger side is so bad that the nut on the right reverse light won’t even start to go on.

On an unrelated note, as I installed the trunk lock, I broke the lock bezel by tightening it down too much.  Keep in mind I was using a torque wrench set for the low end of the factory recommended torque range, so I was that much more annoyed that it happened.  I returned it for credit as defective, but in the interim I used to old worn one so I could close the trunk.

In general, though, everything seems to be coming together nicely.  Take a look!