Bodywork has Begun

Bodywork has Begun

May 25, 2015 – Bodywork has already begun

After traffic subsided, I drove out to San Gabriel to drop off the rest of the panels.  Bodywork has begun!  I was impressed to see that Bill had not only already covered the entire shell in primer, inside and out, but he had also undercoated the chassis and the wheel wells inside the trunk.

The only disappointment, though, was that the rear quarter panel on the driver’s side looks even worse than I’d thought.  Bill and I agreed I’d definitely need to get a new rear quarter…which will increase the cost a bit.  The front stone guard and the front valance may need to be replaced as well, but we’ll see how they fit before I’ll order replacements.  Those pieces will be easy to substitute should replacement become necessary.

We hadn’t planned on doing any body sheet metal replacement, and while the new sheet metal itself is cheap, getting it to fit and welding in patch panels is much more complicated than it is to replace a bolt-on part such as a door.  Bill didn’t say it, but I expect putting in the new quarter will run me an extra $1000 or so, between cutting out the old panel, welding in the new one, filling, sanding, prepping, etc. to make it a seamless replacement.  Oh well, that’s what contingency money is for…

Apart from that, though, everything is coming along nicely, and I’m cautiously optimistic the Disgustang will be back in my garage in the not-so-distant future.