Car Show Season Begins

Car Show Season Begins

Plans for the Car Show Season

I feel like the last month has gone by in a heartbeat (hoof beat?).  So much has happened.  Most people follow my blog through Facebook, and I’ve posted a few photos there over the past few weeks, so you all probably know I did, indeed, make it to the Fabulous Fords car show.  That show was cathartic, albeit somewhat anticlimactic.  I made it there and back without a hitch, but it wasn’t really fun.  Mostly it was kinda boring.  I spent the day next to the car; I didn’t get a chance to check out the rest of the show.  Having gotten up at the ungodly hour of 4 AM, by the time the show ended at 3 PM I was exhausted.  But I did it.  And that was the goal.

Fabulous Fords Forever kicks off the car show season for the Ford folks; other shows often stuff their flyers in the goody bags show entrants receive at Knott’s.  My friend Mark and I sat down after the show and penciled in our schedule for the rest of the season based on the flyers we’d gotten.

It can be fun to judge others…

I’ve generally shunned judged competitions in the past, partly because of the cronyism that seems to pervade them.  It wasn’t until I got close to finishing the Mustang that I understood the purpose of many judged events.  It’s not really about competition, it’s about recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation of a job well-done.  And winning an award is a nice coda to the arduous, painful, often solitary process of restoration.  With that in mind, we decided to enter shows where we stood a legitimate chance of taking home a trophy, any trophy.  The first show we entered, Mark with his truck and me with the Mustang, was the Mustang Owners Club of CA car show in Warner Center Park on Sunday (May 21).

Ponies in the park…

I found a few things cool about the Mustang & Ford show in Warner Center Park.  First, they’ve separated the cars into two groups: factory-stock cars and personalized cars.  Second, other participants in your group judge the cars in a people’s choice format.  And third, they have other trophies awarded by their panel of judges so you can get the best of both worlds.

I was a little disappointed that I took third-place in a class of 4 cars, if I’m honest.  But I could also easily see why the first- and second-place cars ranked higher.  And a trophy is a trophy!

What I didn’t expect was to win an actual judged award.  It came as such a surprise that I wasn’t even paying attention when they called out my entry number.  Luckily I heard a few words that sounded familiar, “…it’s a metallic blue ’66 coupe…” and then I heard them calling my number again.  I went up to pick up my trophy without even knowing what I’d won.   I got “best engine” out of all the cars there, including the factory-stock cars!  The pride, gratitude, and accomplishment I feel is almost indescribable.  I feel truly blessed, and once again I owe a debt of gratitude to Mark because without his help, encouragement, and deadlines, I’d probably still be obsessing over minutiae in the garage.


6 thoughts on “Car Show Season Begins”

  1. Andrew, thanks for the kind words, but YOU did this!! Yes, I may have guided you here and there, and sometimes not remembering specifics, you were there to set me straight, and remind me of the nuances of the early pony cars. Maybe I was more of a cheerleader, than a mentor, for when you were frustrated, I reminded you of the end goal, looking back, you could see how far you had come. Realizing all along, you were making great progress, and nevering missing an opportunity to find the reason to enjoy conversation over frozen custard.
    I think we’ve motivated each other along this journey, while it’s always over cars (boys gotta have their toys!), it’s grown into a long lasting friendship that will continue on for a lifetime, and we’ll make stops along the way, to celebrate victories and losses, just the same.
    “Onward and upward,” “Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down,” my dad always told me.
    Here’s to our next project……

  2. You deserve any and all awards Andrew as you have worked long and hard on the Mustang.

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