Vacuum Leak Diagnosis and Repair

vacuum leak diagnosis repair

Finding and Fixing a Suspected Vacuum Leak One of the niggling problems I’d been having was a loud whistle from the engine compartment.  The noise drove me nuts because, it being high-pitched and all, it was impossible to find it.  It sounded like it was coming from everywhere!  Also it seemed to diminish once the engine was … Read moreVacuum Leak Diagnosis and Repair

First Drive – The Disgustang Becomes a Mustang

first drive mustang

Going for a First Drive Saturday was a cluster-f$%&.  Plain and simple.  We chased problems all day, as I’ve mentioned, and even at the end of the night when I’d finally broken-in the motor, I couldn’t drive it.  That sucked.  It was a big let-down.  I closed the night by crawling into bed tired, frustrated, … Read moreFirst Drive – The Disgustang Becomes a Mustang

Disgustang Runs for First Time in 38 Years

disgustang runs

It’s Alive! Disgustang runs well! Well, that’s a thing that happened.  Today, after several fits and starts, after playing whack-a-mole with random crap, I finally started the motor for the first time on my 1966 Mustang.  The Disgustang runs…really…really well.  It’s taken more than three years and spending almost double what I’d planned to get … Read moreDisgustang Runs for First Time in 38 Years