Clutch Cable Installation

Clutch Cable Installation

Modern Driveline Clutch Cable Installation

Yesterday I decided to tackle clutch cable installation.  A few weeks ago I discussed the trouble I had when I installed the brake booster.  It took days to do something that should have taken hours, and to complicate matters, I had to do everything multiple times.  After I finished, I had to remove the booster again so that I could install the firewall insulation.  Installing the booster and the master is a real pain because there’s really no clearance between the firewall and the booster.  You can only swing a box wrench about 10 degrees before you have to pull it off and start again (and you can’t fit a socket in there).  It’s tedious, to say the least.  And after bleeding the system twice (the first time I couldn’t get it to stop leaking), cracking open the brake system and fiddling with the brake setup wasn’t something I wanted to do over yet again.

But guess what!?!?  Installing the clutch cable requires removing the booster!  Oh, joy!

So, today I finally steeled my resolve and pulled off the master, then the booster, bolted the clutch cable bracket to the firewall temporarily, marked the location for the new hole, drilled the hole, and put everything back together.  All said and done, it took about three hours.  I spent most of the time swearing, either trying to get the bolts for the booster out or trying to put them back in.  No lie, part of the process is most effectively done blind facing away from the car, since that’s the only way I can get my right hand into the tiny space between the fender, the firewall, and the booster.  I didn’t get a chance to re-bleed the brakes.  Just in case I have to open the system again, I’ll just plan to bleed the brakes again once I put the real set of wheels and tires on the car.

The clutch cable installation is actually very straightforward apart from the hassle of dealing with the brake stuff.  Modern Driveline‘s system requires getting everything in decent alignment, but apart from that, everything bolted up nicely in a few minutes.  Detailed instructions are included with the kit.

Take a look at the pictures below for a before and after comparison.