Complete Though Not Finished

Complete Though Not Finished

All of a sudden the Mustang is Complete…

I’ve still got a few things to deal with from a fine-tuning perspective, but quite suddenly and with very little fanfare, the Mustang is complete.  Every part that is supposed to be on the car is now on the car, down to the emblems and the license plates.  My dining room demonstrates that fact (pictured above).  But I’m not done yet.

Since I last posted, I’ve installed the emblems, the anodized trim, the wiper blades, and the front license plate.  I’ve tested all my grounds and haven’t yet been able to replicate the flickering light problem.  Paint repairs will have to wait until I either sell a car or learn to paint myself; I just used my touchup paint to hide the most glaring chips.  I changed the oil.

Transmission Luck and Frustration

The clutch noise and pedal sensation turned out to be a dry convex nut at the end of the clutch fork.  Miracle of miracles, I did not have to remove the transmission to fix it!  However, I realized the slave cylinder was leaking as I took everything apart.  I had to source a new one.  Some frugal sleuthing later, and I discovered I could buy the same slave I had for $7 plus shipping.

I received the slave on Wednesday and installed it today, and what a difference!  I don’t know if it had always been leaking, but I only had to bleed it once and it’s already better than where I had it before.  So that’s a big win.  But when I got home from my brief test drive, I could occasionally feel a bit of a pop, as if something were binding in the clutch release mechanism.  Naturally after getting it to do it several times on the road, it wouldn’t misbehave once I got home.  I need to investigate this further.  It may just be that one of the rubber boots is binding.

Where do we go from here?

A few things need more fiddling.  The rear seat needs to sit further down…I haven’t even begun to look into this yet, but I suspect it’s because of the dual exhaust floorpan reinforcements.  I still need to have the A/C charged and buff and polish the car.  And lastly, I’d like to find whatever that annoying rattle is on the passenger side.

Other than that, though, now that the car is complete, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for the show, where the Disgustang/Mustang will be making its debut.  See you all at the end of April!