Current Status

Current Status

Current Status: Where I Stand – November 25, 2015

Yesterday was my birthday (go me!), and my reader may recall that the original goal was to restore the Disgustang into a Mustang before my birthday…in 2014.  So here we are, a year after that, and I’m still not done.  So here’s where I stand today, the current status of the project:


  • Chassis: front and rear suspension, steering, and brakes are installed.
  • Paint and body: All sheet metal has been installed on the car, including the headlight and taillight extensions.
  • Engine: Rebuilt, dressed, ready to install.
  • Transmission: Rebuilt, ready to install.
  • Dynamat: All surfaces covered.
  • Various bits installed: Headlights, parking lights, reverse lights, antenna, voltage regulator, battery tray.

In Progress

  • Wiring: Main interior harness remains to be installed, taillight harness is missing one clip, under-hood/headlight/main harness is installed, gauge feed harness is installed but is waiting for the engine installation before it can be completed.
  • Transmission conversion: Need to remove master cylinder/booster to drill for the clutch cable hole.
  • Air Conditioning: System has been bench-tested and calibrated but needs to be installed.  Evaporator and condenser require holes to be drilled before installation.  Right side air inlet blocked off.  Compressor mounts installed.
  • Power Steering: Hoses will not be installed until engine is installed

Not Yet Started

  • Glass: Windshield, back window, side glass, vent windows all remain to be installed.  Passenger rear quarter window is STILL on back-order.  Windshield and back glass can’t be installed until after headliner is installed.
  • Headliner/Interior: Headliner will be the first interior piece to be installed once the side glass is installed.
  • Exhaust system: Not yet purchased.
  • Driveshaft: Can’t purchase until required length is measured (once transmission is installed).
  • Wheels/Tires: On-hold until project nears completion.  Wheels have been purchased.

Bottom line: I’m a long way away from finishing this thing up, but there is hope.  The car is registered, though, so the DAY I finish it, I’ll be able to drive it, which is a nice carrot to finish the job.