Disgustang Body Heads to Blasters

Disgustang Body Heads to Blasters

May 8, 2015 – Dropped the Disgustang off at the blasters

The Disgustang is now in the very capable hands of the guys at National Sandblasting.  The night before I was so excited I could hardly sleep.  At 9AM, my friend Mark arrived with his car trailer and we pushed the body on the cart up the ramps and onto the trailer.  Mark had, in his infinite wisdom, already made some guides from plywood and blocks of wood, based on my measurements, to help make sure that the wheels would glide straight up the ramps without falling off.  Naturally I’d measured without accounting for the wheel locks, so the guides were a little too narrow to let the wheels to move freely, instead the wheel locks kept digging into the guides.  Not the end of the world, for it was the only hitch we encountered.

While I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy a new passenger door and hood for the car, I’m going to go ahead and have the existing ones blasted since it won’t cost any more to do ’em now.  That way when I list them on Craigslist I’ll be able to say “no rust, freshly media blasted.”  The hood looks like it has some Bondo in it, as does the passenger door.  The passenger door also has two dents in the interior stamped pattern trim which will be difficult to remove, and since a new door is only about $160, I’m figuring it’s not worth Bill’s time to mess around with it.  I’d put the hood and the trunk lid back on the car to make transport easier, but because I’d removed the trunk lock already, the trunk wouldn’t stay closed.  Some string and a few loops later and the trunk lid was tied down for the trip.  That lasted until we’d been on the road for, maybe, five minutes, and then WHAM! the trunk lid flew open.  Oh well.

The entire trip to the media blasters it kept threatening to rain, but luckily it never did.  Offloading was easy, we just pulled it off the trailer and pushed it across the street into one of their warehouses.  National does a lot of work for heavy industry (including SpaceX), and they’re constantly busy, so they estimate it’ll be about two weeks before they’re done.

The next time we see the Disgustang it’ll be bare metal!  To avoid any chance of flash rust, when we pick it up we’ll be taking it directly to Bill the body man so he can put a coat of primer on it right away.