Pulling the Alternator Wiring Harness

Working hard into the night - more mustang disassemblyI keep having to remind myself: there’s no point in rushing.  I’m doing this for fun, not to finish it in a particular timeframe.  While it would be nice to have more time to work on the car, and I’m certainly looking forward to the future, I’m not looking to sacrifice my work, life, or other enjoyments to finish the car quickly.  Luckily, while I haven’t blogged about it recently, I did get a chance to put in some more Mustang disassembly time this evening.  The only real accomplishment?  I pulled out the alternator wiring harness.

Continuing to prepare to pull the engine, I removed the main engine wiring harness as well, checked the spark plugs, pulled off the alternator, and pulled a few more hoses.

Having recently re-wired a Packard Patrician (one year newer than the one I have) for our museum, I know how important it is to label things properly, so every wire I pull from the harness gets tagged with a label from my Brother label maker.  So guess where I spent most of my time the last time I worked on the car?  Disassembling the label maker cartridge to try and restart the tape when the brand-new cartridge wouldn’t work and then snapped the black letter ribbon!  Yuck.

It took almost 45 minutes of poking and prodding to get everything sorted out…putting all those tiny plastic pieces back in the proper places is almost as bad as rebuilding a carburetor (or so I’ve been told).  I did, eventually, get everything back into its proper place and began printing labels again, but by the time I finished, it was past 10pm and I was fading fast.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Once I pull the engine, suspension work comes next…