Drowning in Car Parts

Drowning in Car Parts

Restoring a car requires a lot more space than you think.  You start off and say to yourself, “I’ve got a two car garage, shelves a plenty, storing car parts won’t be a problem.”  And then you realize there really isn’t a good place to store an exhaust system.  Or the bumpers.  Or the seats, the engine, the transmission, the 9 million screws, the engine accessories, the windows, the windshield, and so on.  Some things end up behind the garage, others get stacked on top of one another on shelves in the garage, and yet others end up stored inside the car.  The only thing I never considered was throwing a single thing away (except for the dash pad and the carpet, which were both so disgusting I couldn’t take the stench).  In my case, by the time I got into stripping out the seats, I literally had no place to put them.  So I cleaned out a closet in the house and stuck them in there.

And that’s just the parts that came off the car.

What about all the new stuff?  Right from the start I ordered parts as I needed them, and I also ordered stuff I knew I’d need in the future as they went on sale.  Quite often buying the full kit was a better deal than buying things piecemeal, even though I didn’t yet need the package.  So the new car parts started to stack up as well.  And they couldn’t co-mingle with the old stuff…that would be a disaster!  So where did I put them?  For the first year and a half I put them in the garage, but once the Disgustang moved inside, the shelves began to overflow with old stuff and the new stuff was forced out…into the house.

For the past six months or so, all the new parts have lived in relative comfort in my dining room (and more recently, the living room).  It’s a little embarrassing, and it gave my mother the red ass when she saw it, but I wasn’t using the dining room, so it seemed like a perfect staging area.  I’ll admit, the clutter is starting to drive me nuts, but appearances aside, it’s actually very well organized.  Lately I’ve tried to pick the biggest items to install so I can get them out of the house.  The fuel tank went in the moment the car came back from the body shop, partly because it was blocking the door to the kitchen.

I gather a lot of guys are in the same boat as I am.  The worst thing about my organization system for the old car parts is that nothing is easily visible or retrieved…I know generally where things are, but to get to them involves a slurry of curse words, cuts, and heavy lifting.  If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it pretty much like I did, but I might have looked into building some more storage sheds on the cheap before starting the project so that items could live on their own shelves.  Yeah…that would’ve been nice…

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