Engine Build Progress

Engine Build Progress

July 13, 2015 – Engine Build: Block has been bored

On Friday I stopped by JGM out in Santa Clarita to check-in on the progress of the engine build.  I’ve actually been stopping by every Friday for the past few weeks, but this is the first time I’ve had much to take pictures of or talk about.  Regular check-ins with Bill seemed to keep everything moving, and I think it really helped him feel good about his work, so I’m applying the same philosophy here.  Jim said I should stop by regularly, so I have been.

The engine build began with the usual cleaning of parts, measuring, magnafluxing, etc.  From an integrity standpoint, the block is in good shape, and so are both sets of heads.  The set of heads that came on the Craigslist motor appear to have had some port work done on them, and it doesn’t look to have been done professionally, so we’re going to use the heads that came with the car.  Jim will be rebuilding the heads completely, of course, but it’s nice to catch a break that I have two good core heads in addition to the ones we’ll be using.

Jim and I had discussed going to .020 over instead of the usual .030, which should leave me room for another rebuild with this block (in the distant future).  However, because .020 over pistons aren’t as frequently purchased, the supplier Jim had planned to use for the pistons is out of stock…for the next two months.  That’s not a major issue, but the idea of using an American-made piston appealed to me;  the Federal-Mogul skirt-coated pistons we’ve substituted are made overseas.

In any case, the block has now been bored with a torque plate to .020 over, the crank has been ground, the main bearings have been fitted, the cam bearings are in, and the outer shell of the block has been painted.  The pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, clutch cover, flywheel, and harmonic balancer are out being balanced at the moment, but they should be back next week.   Once the bottom end is put together, Jim and his team will rebuild the heads and begin final assembly!