Engine Rebuild: The First Budget Buster

IMG_3218I spoke to a highly recommended local engine builder today, and the engine rebuild (if he does it) will cost around $4,500, which is more than double what I’d budgeted.  Hopefully this doesn’t portend continued budget-busting throughout the project!

My initial $2,000 figure was calculated by taking the purchase price of a remanufactured long block from Marshall Engines and adding $500 to account for the accessories, belts, fluids, etc.  I suppose I’d figured buying a rebuilt long block would be the worst case scenario; if the rebuild of my existing block looked like it was going to exceed that figure, I’d just buy the complete rebuilt engine.

But in talking to the engine builder, I’m more and more convinced (yet again) that I need to go for it and build some extra performance into my engine.  Look at our conversation and let me know what YOU’d do…

Me: “Hi, I’ve got a ’66 Mustang with a 289 that needs a rebuild, and I hear you’re the one I should talk to.”

Engine builder: “Well, we practice every day, so we have no excuse for not getting it right.”

Me: “Oh, good.”

Engine builder: “We’ve developed a cam for that specific engine that’s so sweet…”

Me: “That sounds like what I need.”

Engine builder: “Oh it is!  It’ll light up the tires at will AND it’ll improve your fuel economy.”

Me: “What kind of price are we talking about?”

Engine builder: “I don’t know exact numbers, I just own the place and build the engines, but I’d imagine it’ll come in somewhere around $4,500.”