Fiddling Around

Have I made much progress lately? No. There isn’t much to be made at this point, to be honest. I’m down to the small detail stuff, final fitting, fiddling, and farting around. 

The back window is installed. The initial water test went off without a hitch before I installed the trim, hopefully now that the trim is installed it will still be watertight. Of course, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to do some more polishing on the stainless molding before I reinstalled it, “since I had it off anyway.”  Big mistake. I ended up denting what had been a nice piece of original trim. So dealing with that took an extra few days of hair-pulling and agonizing before I eventually just banged the dent out the best I could and re-polished it again. 

Other random bits I’ve attended to since my last update:

  • I’ve put on different front brake pads. We’ll see if they’re any better than what I had. For $20, it’s worth a try. I haven’t tested them out yet. 
  • I’ve removed and replaced the reproduction rear quarter window on the driver’s side with a good used original window and the fitment difference is night-and-day. 
  • I’ve re-aligned the glass on the driver’s side. 
  • I’ve installed the upper and lower stops on three of the four windows. 
  • I’m satisfied with the door glass alignment on the passenger side but the driver’s side isn’t quite right yet. 
  • I’ve upholstered one rear quarter panel, mostly. 

By the end of the weekend I’m hoping to have the interior buttoned up…maybe. Stay tuned.