From the Blasters to Paint

From the Blasters to Paint

May 22, 2015 – Disgustang heads to paint

Another major milestone!  It’s been two weeks, and this morning the Disgustang left the blasters and headed to Bill the body man to begin the paint and bodywork process. Unfortunately National Sandblasting had a last-minute rush job from a big client that kept them from being able to finish all the other panels, so the only thing that was ready to go this morning was the body shell itself.  Just a minor inconvenience, really.  I’ll head over tomorrow to pick up the doors, fenders, trunk lid, hood, valence panels, and filler panels, which I’ll bring to Bill on Monday.

All in all, I’m pleased with how the body shell came out.  There aren’t any big surprises, really, although I’d hoped the left rear quarter panel wouldn’t be as bad as it is.  Someone, at some point, used a really cheap body man who tried desperately to pull out a big dent, and upon failing to pull it out, he slathered body filler on to cover it up.  Overall, though, Bill and I were both very pleased with how the shell came out.

Plastic media blasting leaves a completely smooth bare metal surface; it doesn’t change the texture of the surface at all, it just removes the paint.  But that’s not necessarily ideal for paint adhesion, so before the guys finished, Bill and I decided we’d have the media blasters lightly spray the car with sand (at no additional cost) just to etch the metal, which will hopefully help the paint stick better.  The only issue with that decision is that it means the metal is now extremely vulnerable to flash rusting.  So much so that you can’t touch the metal with your bare hands because the moisture on your fingertips will leave a rust print just a few hours later.  We had to wear gloves and use clean rags to push the car up onto the trailer and to unload it at Bill’s.  But once we got it to Bill’s one of the guys who hangs around proceeded to touch the body in multiple places.  I told him as politely as I could that we weren’t supposed to touch it, which seemed to offend him, but I think I was well within my rights to ask him not to.  After all, the point of getting the car blasted was to maximize the quality of the paint job…and it would stink to have a completely rust-free car rust up again before we even begin.

Bill will be priming the car TODAY so hopefully there won’t be any chance for further contamination.

Note: As is the case with the last several posts, this is a post intended to update readers on my progress, written in present tense even though these events occurred in May 2015.