Front Window Installation

Front Window Installation

Front Window Assemblies are Installed

It took a few hours of fighting, but both front window regulator/scissor/glass assemblies are now installed.  In typical fashion, I had everything I needed except ONE crucial tiny part.  In this case, the missing link was the spring clip that holds the regulator arm to the scissor assembly.  I have no recollection of breaking them or throwing them away, but neither one was in the bag for the rest of the window assembly hardware.  Luckily I have a pair of extra doors from which to pilfer parts!

So after pilfering those spring clips, I set to actually installing the regulator and scissor assemblies.  I’d already re-finished the scissor assembly for the left side (it was much worse than the right side), so all that remained was to make sure everything was well greased before installation.  The difficult part of the installation stemmed primarily from the fact that the window glass is in the way when it’s down, so someone (or something) needs to hold the glass up.  After struggling to find something that would work, eventually I figured out I could fold up some heater hose and wedge it into one of the smaller access holes, and that worked like a champ.

All the tracks were greased, and then I inserted the rollers into the tracks.  With that taken care of, I partially installed the scissor and regulators and screwed them in loosely, and then I snapped the arms into their respective rollers.  After that, it was a sheer matter of tightening things back up.  I’d like to play with the adjustment, but until I get the headliner in, and until I then get the to seal weatherstrip installed, it’s going to be pointless to try to adjust the windows since I won’t know where they’re supposed to stop.

Now that this is done, it’s time to deal with the rear quarter windows…

For a deeper dive into the “how to” of all this and tips on adjustment, check out the Autorestomod video on window adjustment here: