Generation M Contest

A pleasant surprise…Generation M Contest Win!

I feel amazingly fortunate to have been selected as the winner of this month’s Generation M contest from Mustang Monthly and Tony D. Branda Shelby and Mustang Parts.  If you’re a Mustang owner under 35 who’d like to win $200, send in an entry!  I’m proof that people actually DO win these things.

Thanks to the sponsor, Tony D. Branda Shelby and Mustang Parts, as well as Mustang Monthly for the opportunity, and a big thanks to Mark Houlahan for the great write-up.

Now I need to turn my attention to finishing the car!

1 thought on “Generation M Contest”

  1. Congratulations Andrew!!! You should be proud of how far you have come on this project. With the engine installed, you are turning the corner, leaving turn 3 heading to turn 4. The finish line will soon be in sight! Great article by Mark Houlahan as well. I look forward to the finished project. Not only will you be able to say you have driven an early V8 Mustang, but you own one!

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