Getting Ready…Almost

IMG_3307I bought jack stands today from Harbor Freight so that I can leave the car jacked up, sitting outside, without worrying about exposing my good American-made stands to the weather.  While the people in China may be very nice, I don’t trust their steel or their industrial prowess with my life, so every time I actually get under the car, I’ll be using my four good jack stands as backup support in case of a failure.

I’d planned to start investigating today, but a few things have gotten in the way:

  1. My Packard, which has been basically trouble-free since I put everything back together several months ago, started missing at moderate speeds yesterday right after I left the house to go to a car show.  More investigation and troubleshooting is needed to determine if it’s ignition or fuel.
  2. My daily driver (a German car of the 2007 model year) needed an oil change.
  3. I’m getting ready to go on vacation and desperately need to do laundry before I leave.

…so the Disgustang will have to wait.