Major Milestone Reached!

Major Milestone Reached!

November 30, 2014 – The Disgustang Has Landed

I’ve hit a major milestone; it’s on it’s wheels again for the first time in a year! Rain has been predicted for the next few days, so I really wanted to get the Disgustang in the garage before that happened.  Since I was so close, I figured I’d get the front brakes partially installed and see if I could do it.  And I did!

The SSBC kit I ordered comes with the rotors, the splash guards, the bearings, the hardware, and pretty much everything you need to install factory-style disc brakes on your Mustang, with a few important upgrades (dual-bowl master cylinder, power booster).  So far the kit has been extremely easy to install, and thanks to the CJ Pony Parts video I watched beforehand, I was able to breeze through it quickly.   The only thing I’m not happy with are the cheap wheel bearings and seals that come with the kit.  I may order up some Timken bearings, races, and seals so I’ve got them on hand, just in case I have yet another negative experience with cheap parts.  For the $20 it’ll cost to upgrade to quality stuff, I figure, why not?

One thing I think has helped me get to this point has been my policy of always torquing nuts and bolts to their specification while I’m there rather than just tightening things up “for now.”  That way I don’t ever have to worry that something important isn’t tight enough because I know I torqued it when I installed it!  That gave me great confidence as I let the car down onto its wheels for the first time, as I rushed to get it pushed into the garage when it started to rain.

Note: This is a status update post to catch readers up from my 18-month posting hiatus.  For simplicity, this entry is written as if it had just recently occurred, however it actually happened in November 2014, as noted above.