Other Panels Return from Blasters

Other Panels Return from Blasters

May 23, 2015 – The rest of the panels finish at the blasters

I drove down to National Sandblasters the day after we picked up the car shell itself to grab the rest of the panels, which weren’t quite done when we retrieved the shell.  Bill the body man wasn’t at the shop on Saturday, so I brought the panels home with me and staged them in my living room.

Even before we began the blasting process, I had figured the passenger door would need to be replaced, and the rust holes and other hidden dings and dents confirm it.  Unfortunately the replacement door I ordered also came dented, but that’s an easier fix than the several dents in the existing door.  It also got me a partial refund from the parts supplier.  In general the door seems to be well made, the lines are nice and crisp.  As I understand it, there isn’t much of a difference between the Dynacorn sheet metal and the stuff sold under other names;  I can’t imagine there are that many companies with the tooling to make Mustang doors, and since it all comes from Taiwan (much to my displeasure), it’s probably all made in the same factory.  We’ll see how this door actually fits.

The hood was also obviously damaged early in its life as it’s been leaded-in substantially on one side.  I’ll list both the door and the hood on Craigslist and see if I can’t get some money out of the parts to fund buying the replacements.  Everything else looks pretty good!  The driver door, the valence panels, the trunk lid, and the fenders all seem to be straight, both proving that the sheet metal wasn’t really in bad shape as well as the quality of the work that National Sandblasters did in not warping the panels.

On Monday I’ll head over to Bill’s and drop off the rest of the panels, the new door, and I’ll grab some photos.  I’m going to give Bill a camera so he can document the process as well, so we can look forward to lots of great photos (hopefully!) of the paint and body phase.