Scrubbing the Engine Compartment

disgustang engine compartment clean

Once the engine compartment and undercarriage were completely stripped, the fun began.  Scrubbing, wire brushing, pressure washing, and basically trying to get down to a clean, paint-able surface was the goal.  Scrubbing the engine compartment is a long and labor-intensive process.  I used a wire brush mounted to the drill, steel wool, a borrowed pressure … Read moreScrubbing the Engine Compartment

Slow and Steady: Mustang Suspension

The 1966 Mustang suspension was relatively simple but surprisingly well-designed for its day, though it wasn’t without its problems.  When Carol Shelby set out to modify the Mustang to create the now infamous GT350, he only made a few (though very effective) modifications to the Mustang suspension.  The use of the export brace, adjustable shocks, … Read moreSlow and Steady: Mustang Suspension

Restoration Roadblocks: Life Gets in the Way

There’s always something to get in the way of an expedient restoration.  That’s, of course, why you can’t be in a rush to complete anything because complications will invariably arise.  Be it lack of funds, lack of time, or lack of energy, life gets in the way.  Restoration roadblocks abound. Apart from the funds issue … Read moreRestoration Roadblocks: Life Gets in the Way

Rubbing Compound to The Rescue

Rubbing compound, rarely used on today’s clear-coat finishes, was, at one time, a miracle cure for paint ailments.  Minor scratches?  Oxidation? Swirl marks? Rubbing compound to the rescue. I found myself with another 20 minutes last night, so after having just polished the stainless trim, I thought I’d play with rubbing compound a bit and … Read moreRubbing Compound to The Rescue