Front Seat Upholstery from TMI

front seat upholstery

Installing the front seat upholstery On Saturday I spent basically the entirety of my time—almost three hours— aligning the driver’s side windows.  I’m still not happy with where things have ended up, but I’ve got a good, functional working alignment in place.  Sunday it rained and drizzled off and on throughout the day.  Most of the … Read more

Kick Panel Upholstery Installation

Kick panel upholstery

Refurbishing / Replacing Kick Panel Upholstery First-generation Ford Mustangs used plastic kick panels.  If you had the standard interior, that’s all it was— a big piece of plastic.  Deluxe (Pony) interior cars added kick panel upholstery and a bright piece of stainless trim to jazz things up a bit.  Essentially Ford glued a piece of carpet trimmed with … Read more