Paint Progress – Part 3: Color Coat

Paint Progress – Part 3: Color Coat

June 12, 2015 – Color Coat Application

With the body smoothed out, Bill has begun to apply the color coat, and in some cases the clear coat, to various detachable parts of the car.  Planning out how to paint the car can be just as crucial as preparing the body correctly.  It can be helpful to research how the factory did it, to see what panels were already attached and which panels were painted separately.  Of course, the factory process was tailored for speed, not color consistency or quality, so manually painting the car can allow for a great deal of improvement.

Bill has chosen to paint the front valance, stone guard, headlight extensions, fender extensions, and fenders separately from the body to get the best coverage.  Painting these pieces separately allows him to focus on getting each piece right without having to worry about surrounding panels getting too much or too little paint.  In the case of the fenders, painting them off the car makes it a lot easier to keep from getting color on the walls of the engine compartment, which have already been sprayed black.

Most body shops use a spray booth, but it’s possible to get very good results painting in a makeshift spray area like Bill has.  I’m impressed at just how good his paint work has been so far, providing further proof that you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to do a great job.  Color coat is, of course, more forgiving of imperfections than clear is, but so far the results have been perfect!  Some day I may even attempt a paint job myself…although given my tendency toward perfectionism, I’ll probably drive myself nuts.

I know I say it a lot, but it’s exciting to see this process unfold.  I’m in love with the color, it’s exactly how I hoped it would be, maybe even better.  It won’t be long before the body will get sprayed and I’ll be taking the Mustang home!