Preparing for Engine Installation

I’ve come to the conclusion over the past few days that my ambitious goal of installing the engine this weekend is far too ambitious.  There’s no way I’ll be ready, since I haven’t had an evening yet this week to focus on preparing for engine installation.  Between spending the weekend in Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party, dinners with friends, and work, it’s been 8 or 9PM before I’ve been free these past several days.

Before I can put the engine in, I need to gather up the attachment hardware, drill a few more holes, un-mount the brake master cylinder, install the clutch cable, re-mount the master cylinder, find the wiring clips, lay out and prepare the transmission parts, and prepare the exhaust headers.  I’m not sure if I have everything I need, and before I have the engine hoisted high in the air, I want to be sure.  That requires significant planning, digging, and prep.  Basically I have at least a full day’s worth of prep work involved before I can think about trying to drop the engine into the car.

I’m frustrated that I’m running behind, but I’m not in a rush, so I need to be at peace with my lack of progress.  Until then…

1 thought on “Preparing for Engine Installation”

  1. Well Andrew, as we have said so many times in the past……you can’t rush a good thing!!! Think of the Mustang as a fine bottle of wine that is aging, and weekly you are going into the cellar (garage of course!) turning the bottles. At its peak of flavor, is when you will uncork (loud is good!)the bottle, and let all of us enjoy the time you spent, savioring such a beautiful horse.

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