Progress! Real Progress…

For the first time in months, I’ve made some real progress on the Disgustang. Sure, I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time messing with the Packard, but because it runs (and continues to have issues), I’ve wanted to get it sorted out before turning back to the Mustang. I’m planning a trip along Route 66 this summer, and since the Mustang is far off, there has been some pressure to make sure the Packard will at least make it to Pasadena before it overheats. Some creative engineering, a little ingenuity, and a block flush later, I think I’ve got the Packard running nice and cool, so finally I was able to take some time and dive back into the Disgustang.

Two things became clear to me today. First, it’s not going to be done by July. Second, this restoration IS possible.

In the span of just a few hours I:
-removed the rear brake lines
-removed the fuel lines
-removed the emergency brake cables and linkage (and broke the e-brake assembly in the process)
-pulled the carburetor
-stripped one of the transmission to flywheel nuts
-removed, disconnected, and polished the antenna
-pulled the rear lower valance panel

The last thing I did makes me most proud: I removed, reinstalled, and realigned the driver’s door, and in doing so, I improved the way the door closes. Since I got the car, I’ve had to slam the door to latch it because it was too high to engage the striker. Now it’s properly aligned, hits the striker squarely in the middle, and closes easily.