Project On-Hold Due To Lack of Funds

My apologies for the lack of recent posts.  One minute you’re driving along, cruising through the canyons in your everyday car thinking of all the cool stuff you’re gonna go home and order for your Mustang, and the next, BANG! $2,500 down the drain.

Maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but two weeks ago, that’s kind of what happened to me.  On my way home from work I took a shortcut through Bel Air to avoid traffic.  As I came to the last stop sign before the final hill that takes you to the stoplight at the end of the residential neighborhood, I had (in retrospect) a little trouble getting the car out of 3rd gear and into 1st to start up the hill.  As I was, admittedly, doing a California rolling stop, it still went into 1st relatively easily, 2nd no problem, 3rd a little rough…and then I stopped on the hill waiting for the cars in front of me to start up for the light, which had just turned green.  And I…couldn’t…GET…IT…INTO…GEAR…AGAIN.  It was like I wasn’t pressing in the clutch at all.

And immediately, I thought, “oh, no.  I know what this is…and if I’m right, it’s gonna be expensive.”  After rolling back down the hill slowly avoiding passing traffic, I eventually figured out that the car would go into gear with the engine off and that I still had engagement, just not full release.  So, naturally, rather than wait for the tow truck, I put the car into 2nd, started the engine, and drove all the way home in 2nd gear.

$2,500 and a day and a half later, my German street machine had a new OEM clutch and flywheel.  Ugh!  That money was supposed to go towards the brake system and suspension upgrades!  In the end though, I’ll live to wrench another day…