Quarter Window Installation

Quarter Window Installation

Quarter Window Track / Glass / Regulator Setup

I spent most of the day Sunday installing the left (driver’s-side) quarter window.  I’ve dreaded this for months, partly because the service manual is vague as to the process.  It’s been more than a year since I pulled the glass, tracks, and regulators out, so my memory is foggy at best.  Even with pictures, assembly manuals, and the service manual I couldn’t figure out how the installation should proceed.  Ultimately I had to revert to common sense and trial-and-error.

The driver’s-side window is a complete reproduction assembly which I bought about a year and a half ago, and it includes replacement glass, the frame, the rollers, and the stainless dogleg molding all fully assembled.  It’s a very nice piece which, miracle of miracles, fit correctly the first time, but it’s also pretty pricey, as I have mentioned before.  After I greased everything, I tried installing everything based on my reading of the exploded diagram in the Ford Master Parts and Accessories Catalog.

Figuring out the Installation

After I installed the main track, the inner guide track, and the regulator, I tried to install the glass.  No dice.  The glass and the track need are installed together.  I felt like even more of an idiot when I realized the glass needs to install from the bottom of the track because of the stops at the top.  Once I figured out the order, things started to move more quickly.  Then it was just a matter of bolting everything together and snapping the rollers into place.  One tip I’ve found useful: insert the rollers into the tracks and then snap the regulator pins onto the rollers.  It’s almost impossible to get the regulator in place to slide the rollers into the tracks once they’re attached to the regulator.

With it all put together, I found myself with extra parts, none of which appear in any of the exploded diagrams.  I have a longer bolt, a j-nut, a star washer, and a rubber insulator left over in my parts bag.  Does anybody know what these are for?  The part number on the rubber insulator crosses to a power steering insulator, and I can’t figure out how that would’ve ended up in the bag.  I know it’s supposed to be there because there’s an identical one in the bag for the other side.  Yet again, my pictures aren’t particularly helpful, but from what I gather, the rubber insulator may have been an extra stop at the bottom of the track.  I just can’t quite figure out how it would install.  Any ideas?


With everything installed, I did some initial adjusting to see if I could get into the ballpark.  Most of the adjustment is at the three screws that attach the main track assembly.  Undo the two top screws and the bottom one and you can tilt or move the whole assembly to get as close as possible to the factory-recommended interference fit between the weatherstrip and the front window.  That is, as long as the front window is correctly adjusted (mine is not).  Since the headliner and the roof rail weatherstrip both still need to be installed, my plan is to leave things as they are for now.  Once I get the roof rail weatherstrip installed I’ll circle back and do my final adjustments.