Re-Thinking Rear Valance

Re-Thinking Rear Valance

August 2015 – Re-thinking Rear Valance

Every time I go outside to work on the Mustang, I notice the poor fit of the GT exhaust trim rings on the reproduction rear valance, and it bothers me.  Would most other people notice it?  Probably not, but once I saw it, now I always see it.  They don’t sit flush like the ones from the factory did, and there’s just no reason for that.  Were the poor fit limited to just one side, I’d claim a defect with the stamping of that piece, but I sense that it’s probably the reproduction valance that’s at fault here, not the trim rings themselves.  The trim rings I’m using are the stainless steel upgraded Scott Drake trim rings (which won’t rust or pit like other reproductions).  I’ve seen them fit well on a factory-original valance, and Scott Drake always does such a good job with fit, I’d be surprised if they would stamp their own trim rings and wouldn’t have them fit perfectly.

I don’t know who actually makes the sheet metal for this valance, but it sure seems like it all comes from one company in Taiwan and other companies just put their label on the box. Obviously the quality is hit-and-miss

I bought the GT rear valance on a bit of a whim because I thought it looked cool, and I’m kinda regretting that decision.  Along with the GT valance itself, I also had to buy the exhaust tips and the trim rings to complete the effect.  I don’t yet have a full exhaust system yet, but whatever it is, it’ll need to exit out the valance.  The poor fit, though, makes me reconsider using the GT valance entirely.  Yes, the one on the car is already painted, but if I could have Bill paint the original valance (which is at this moment sitting in my living room), maybe it wouldn’t cost too much.  If I go back to the standard valance, which apparently many HiPo’s ran with as well, I’ll also be able to use the rear bumper guards I bought a few years ago; they don’t work with the GT-style valance…the exhaust pipe tips are your bumper guards.

We’ll see…for now, though, I’m going to leave it alone.  If it really starts to bother me, I’ll add repainting the old valance to the list of Please-Do’s tor Bill.  With the bumper on, it’s a little less noticeable.  Maybe I’ll get used to it!