Reproduction Door Fail

Reproduction Door Fail

May 2015 – Reproduction Door Fit

As I mentioned in passing yesterday, the reproduction door I bought to replace the dented-in-multiple-places original passenger door didn’t quite fit like we wanted it to. Actually, that’s an understatement.

Bill struggled for 2 hours to get it on and lined up, with no real success. Even at the end of the adjustment, the door bottom of the door still dragged on the sill. In, out, all the way up, it didn’t matter. There was no way to get the door to fit without shaving it down. Reluctantly he called me to report back. Did I still have to old passenger door? Thank goodness I did!  I’d already listed it on Craigslist, but no one had shown any interest, even at a $100 price tag, so it was my good fortune that I still had it.  Boy did I feel smart for leaving the door on the car when I had it media blasted!

I popped back out to San Gabriel and dropped off the original door.  As I may or may not have shared long ago, the passenger door and front fender had already been replaced at some point in the past.  The right front fender had been replaced with one from a car that was originally gold, and the door was from a dark blue, standard-interior car.

RockAuto agreed to take back the “new” door for a full refund, and they even paid return shipping, which was nice.  Bill popped the old door on and had it perfectly lined up in under 15 minutes…a testament to the quality of OEM sheet metal.  It’ll be a bit more work to get the old door ready for paint, filling, pounding out the dents, blocking, and whatnot, but given how much better the door is, it’s worth it!