Restoration Roadblocks: Life Gets in the Way

There’s always something to get in the way of an expedient restoration.  That’s, of course, why you can’t be in a rush to complete anything because complications will invariably arise.  Be it lack of funds, lack of time, or lack of energy, life gets in the way.  Restoration roadblocks abound.

Apart from the funds issue mentioned yesterday, time hasn’t been on my side either.  Work has been hectic and what time I’ve had to wrench has been focused on putting the Packard back on the road.  The gas tank went back in a few weekends ago, just in time for me to start to focus on the fact that it over-heats too frequently for no reason.  I’m in the middle of flushing the block now.  We’ll see if that, a new Robertshaw thermostat, and a lower anti-freeze to water ratio make any difference.  It shouldn’t overheat — the radiator’s clean, the block was flushed out of several inches of sediment when I pulled the freeze plugs, it’s got a new thermostat and water pump. But still, even with moderate strain, it very quickly nudges into the HOT range and never quite comes down again, even with 60+ MPH airflow and light throttle.  Now it’s getting a high-flow thermostat, a flush, more water/less coolant, and some Water Wetter.  For good measure, I’ll probably run the radiator over and have it done again just to make sure.  Maybe something will reveal itself!

At least it starts and runs properly now…