Data Plate Information


Body: 65B  Color: (blank)  Trim: 62A   Date: 13E   DSO: 712886   Axle: 6   Trans: 6

Model Year: 1966                    Body Code: Coupe, luxury interior
Assembly Plant: San Jose       Exterior Color: (no code – custom order)
Body Code: Coupe                 Interior Trim Color: Blue & White Luxury
Engine: 289cid 2V 200hp V8   Production Date: 13 May 1966


The car was purchased new from Jesse R. Ellico Ford in Alhambra on May 10, 1966 by a man from Rosemead, CA according to the front page of the owners’ manual.  As far as I can tell from my research, multiple cars were ordered under the special order number 71-2886, all in Sapphire Blue (a factory production color for Thunderbirds and an option for GT350s, but one not offered on regular Mustangs that year), which explains why the color code is blank on the door plate.

The second owners bought the car in 1967 or 1968 and drove it for more than a decade, first as their everyday car and then their son drove it for a few years.  For some reason or another, with about 108,000 miles on the clock, they stopped driving the car in 1978 and parked it in their back yard.  In the mid-1990’s, their son appears to have made an effort to revive the car.  I’ve found receipts for brake wheel cylinders and a carburetor rebuild kit in the car, and the newer fuel pump, replacement lock cylinders, and disconnected gas tank add weight to this idea.  I can only imagine he was unsuccessful as nothing else appears to have been replaced or removed.

After several more years of neglect, the owners advertised the car for sale locally and a friend of mine saw it for what it was– a car that needed everything and almost nothing at the same time.  It’s an unmolested, straight, original car.  It sat with him for a brief period while he focused on other things, until I mentioned to him that I was looking for a Mustang to wrench on, and VOILA!  Instant sale.


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