Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and I hope you all do as well.  Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the holiday.

Regarding this restoration, I’m thankful for the friends who’ve offered advice and help, without whom I’d have been lost long ago.  In particular, my friend Mark has helped tremendously, by transporting this rusting hulk to my house, to the sand blasters, to the body shop, and back to my home.  He’s offered advice and encouragement along the way, and without him watching my progress, I might very well have stopped by now.

I’m thankful for the parts suppliers who’ve been so helpful thus far, both in helping to procure the right parts and for their support after the sale.  National Parts Depot and CJ Pony Parts have been essential, and both companies have repeatedly shown their customer service quality to be top notch.  I don’t get a dime or any discounts for saying so, that’s just how I feel.  It’s rare when dealing with businesses to find folks who constantly want to do right by their customers, both vendors consistently exceed expectations.

And of course I’m grateful that I’ve had the time (and so far, adequate money) to dive into this restoration project.  There aren’t many jobs that pay well enough and have a stress level that permits this kind of periodic work…restorations seem to be a better fit for retired folks than for those of us starting our careers, and I know I’m lucky.

Lastly I’m thankful for my family and friends who never fail to remind me that there’s more to life than just standing in the garage cursing the Taiwanese manufacturers of bad reproduction parts.  They’ve done a great job pulling me (often somewhat reluctantly) away from the Disgustang now and then to make sure I actually continue to enjoy the other, less car-related parts of life.

Happy Thanksgiving!