Tremec T5 Transmission Rebuild

Tremec T5 Transmission Rebuild

May 2015 – Rebuilding the Tremec T5

Modern Driveline has already saved me a ton of time in dealing with my Tremec T5.  Not only do they stock everything you need to do a complete 5-speed conversion, they also have some of the best prices around.  When I ordered up the conversion kit, I asked for a T5 world class rebuild kit, which they added on to my order.  Their price for the kit was $50 less than the Ford kit, which is the EXACT same kit directly from Tremec.  Modern Driveline charges $550 to rebuild a T5, plus the cost of shipping both ways, so by doing the rebuild myself, I can save about $400.

Between the rebuild manual, available from Modern Driveline here (scroll down to the Service Manuals area), the pictures I took, and two very helpful tear-down and rebuild videos from YouTube, I was able to get the transmission apart, inspect it, replace the worn parts, and put it back together.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether I did it correctly, but that’ll be MONTHS from now, so it won’t hurt as much if it doesn’t work out.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend rebuilding your own manual transmission if it needs it.  It’s not actually that complicated, it’s kinda fun, and if you take your time and follow the instructions, I can’t figure out how you’d really screw it up.  And from my vast searches of the internet, I gather that there are a lot of badly rebuilt transmissions out there.  As long as I’m doing the car, I want to know exactly what’s in there, that it was done correctly, and how it works.  And now I do.

Could I have probably used the transmission as it was?  Certainly.  It looked fine.  But as long as everything else is going to be fresh, I wasn’t about to put in an unknown transmission.  And as long as I was pulling it apart to inspect, rebuilding it wasn’t that much more complicated.  Now I’ve turned a known unknown into a known known.

Here are the videos I used: